MUI expresses concern over mosques being exposed to radicalism

Jakarta, June 7 (ANTARA News) – The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) is concerned about the existence of some mosques that are suspected of being exposed to radicalism.

Jakarta Vice Governor Sandiaga Uno had earlier stated that sermons were being delivered that divided religious communities, including the spread of radicalism in 40 mosques in the state capital city.

“If the information conveyed by the Jakarta vice governor is true, then we are very concerned about the condition,” Vice Chairman of MUI Zainut Tauhid Saadi remarked here on Wednesday.

He noted that radical groups had continued to thrive owing to some extent of permissiveness from Islamic organizations and society against the idea of radicalism.

He pointed out that radicalism was also triggered by the assumption of people, who have yet to consider it as a threat.

Hence, he stated that there is the impression of omission and failure to make radicalism, including groups supporting it, as a common enemy.

“Such permissiveness and omission have led to the increasingly free movement of radical groups,” he pointed out.

To this end, he appealed to the leadership of Islamic organizations to pay serious attention to the problem.

“A joint step needs to be taken to face the radical movement in order to maintain unity among the people and save the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI),” he noted.

Saadi also appealed to mosque officials and the community to be more selective if they are looking to invite preachers.

“Invite a speaker, who is able to comfort the people, calm the situation and conditions to remain conducive, and create harmony,” he emphasized.

In connection with information from the Jakarta vice governor that some mosques were suspected of being exposed to radicalism, the MUI vice chairman said he highly lauded the Provincial Government of Jakarta that had released the information.

“The information is important for raising public awareness of the dangers of radicalism,” he added.

Source: ANTARA News