Mt Sinabung erupts, volcanic ash disperses 2,000 km from peak

Mount Sinabung in Karo District, North Sumatra Province erupted on Sunday, spewing a column of ash in to the sky up to 2,000 meters from the mountain’s peak.

The volcanic ash column was grey and billowed toward the east and southeast of the mountain, Head of the Sinabung Observation Post Armen Putra noted here on Sunday.

“The eruption was recorded in seismogram to have a maximum amplitude of 73 mm and duration of 5 minutes and 31 seconds,” he said.

The authorities have declared an emergency status of 2,460-meter-high Mount Sinabung at Level III (alert).

Putra called on residents, including farmers, not to conduct activities in villages that have been relocated and at locations within a three-km radius from the mountain’s peak, five-km radius for the south-east sector, and four-km radius for the east-north sector.

When the eruption produces ash rain, the residents are advised to wear masks while venturing outside, to reduce the risks that may have impact on their health.

He also urged the local residents to secure clean water facilities, and clear volcanic ash from the roofs of houses.

“People living near the rivers that disgorge in Mount Sinabung are also urged to remain vigilant to the potential dangers of lava,” he pointed out.

Source: Antara News