MSMEs entrepreneurs should receive training, assistance: MPR


People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR RI) Deputy Speaker Syarief Hasan emphasized the need for providing training and assistance from the government to micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) entrepreneurs.

“Training and assistance must be provided (to MSMEs entrepreneurs), as those two aspects must be improved and should receive the government’s attention,” the MPR deputy speaker noted in his statement here on Thursday.

Hasan had earlier visited the Garut Shopping Tourism exhibition at the Garut District Islamic Centre, West Java, where products of dozens of local MSMEs were showcased to customers.

The deputy speaker observed several products offered by local MSMEs comprising foods, beverages, clothing, and products made of leather — a specialty of Garut District — during his visit.

After conversing with and motivating MSMEs entrepreneurs, he then purchased some food products offered at the MSMEs exhibition, including local coffee, crackers, and meat floss.

He pointed out that while most products offered by Garut MSMEs in the exhibition were of good quality, some products should be improved to attract more customers.

“I see that some products need to have their product packaging retouched,” the deputy speaker remarked.

Hasan, who was recently confirmed as professor at the State University of Makassar, stated that MSMEs should not only focus on the quality of their products but also pay attention to having a good packaging design that will draw the customers’ interest.

“If MSMEs do (the packaging retouching), God Willing, the product will be far more interesting. For instance, if coffee products (in the exhibition) have better packaging, the market demand for the product will surge,” he remarked.

The deputy speaker then expounded that to create comprehensive, attractive, and high-valued products, the government needs to organize training activities and provide assistance to MSMEs entrepreneurs.

Source: Antara News