MRT Construction has Touched 98.10 Percent

Until December 2018, the progress of MRT construction has reached 98.10 percent. Its construction consists of depot and elevated section by 97.80 percent and underground section by 98.41 percent.

“In overall, we have touched 98.10 percent,” expressed William P Sabandar, President Director of PT MRT Jakarta, Friday (12/28).

According to him, some construction has not yet been completed, namely entrance and interior at a number of MRT stations.

“Entrance will be finished totally in February or March. While for interior will finish in January or February,” he told.

Currently 16 MRT trains already exist at Lebak Bulus Depot. Each of them has six cars which in total reached 96 cars.

“In March, MRT construction is finished,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta