Mount Semeru: Police meet family of student who kicks offerings


East Java Police officers have met with the family of a young man who reportedly kicked spiritual offerings at the site of the Mount Semeru eruption in Lumajang District.

“The West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) Police helped or acted as a back-up for the East Java Police to meet the offering kicker in East Lombok (district),” West Nusa Tenggara Police’s public relations chief, Commissioner Artanto, informed in Mataram city on Tuesday.

During the meeting, police obtained a clarification from the man’s family and verified his identity and name, he said.

“His family has confirmed that this man, named F, is indeed their family member,” he added.

F is currently an undergraduate student at a Yogyakarta college, he informed. He graduated from Madrasah Tsanawiyah (Islamic Junior High School) in East Lombok and Madrasah Aliyah (Islamic High School) in Yogyakarta, he added.

Furthermore, Artanto asserted that the NTB Police only helped coordinate the investigation in the case, which is being handled by the East Java Police.

Earlier, in a video that viral on social media, F kicked spiritual offerings placed near Mount Semeru.

The video generated a lot of reactions from the public, including from Alissa Wahid, the oldest daughter of Indonesia’s fourth president, Abdurrahman Wahid.

“Not believing in offerings is okay, but forcing the believers is not right,” Wahid tweeted on her Twitter account @AlissaWahid.

“These kinds of people are troublesome. They do not understand that the world does not only belong to their group,” she added.

Lumajang district head Thoriqul Haq also expressed disappointment over the incident. According to Haq, F violated the values of the local communities residing near Mount Semeru.

Source: Antara News