Mount Semeru emits 3 km long of hot clouds avalanche

Internal Affairs

Mount Semeru again emitted hot clouds as far as 3 kilometers in the southeast direction, according to visual observation on Sunday.

“Based on visual observations at the Mount Semeru Observation Post on Mount Sawur from 00.00 to 06.00 am local time on Sunday, hot clouds of avalanches were observed with a sliding distance of 3 kilometers towards Besuk Kobokan,” the Head of the West Region Volcano Mitigation Sub Division of National Volcanological Survey, Nia Khaerani, said in Lumajang District.

“As for seismic activity, there was one hot cloud avalanche with an amplitude of 20 mm for 720 seconds, and then eight avalanches with an amplitude of 2-8 mm for 30-60 seconds,” she informed.

Mount Semeru also experienced one gust earthquake with an amplitude of 7 mm for 65 seconds, and one distant tectonic earthquake with an amplitude of 7 mm for 120 seconds.

“The hot clouds that fell from Mount Semeru came from two sources, namely the top (the growth of the lava dome) and the bottom (the tip of the lava),” Khaerani added.

When the mountain was observed on Sunday at 06.00-12.00 am local time, it was clearly visible and an avalanche occurred with a sliding distance of 200 meters in the direction of the Curah Kobokan.

Seven avalanches happened, with an amplitude of 7-22 mm for 42-125 seconds, and one shallow volcanic earthquake with an amplitude of 10 mm for 13 seconds.

“The status of Mount Semeru is at level III or alert, so people are advised not to carry out any activities in the southeast sector along Besuk Kobokan as far as 13 kilometers from the summit (the center of the eruption),” she warned.

She warned that beyond that distance, the public should do things within 500 meters of the riverbank along Besuk Kobokan because there was a risk that the hot clouds and lava would extend up to 17 km from the summit.

“People are also banned from doing activities within a 5 km radius from the peak of Mount Semeru because there is a risk of the mountain throwing out stones,” she remarked.

The public must also remain cautious of the risk of hot clouds, lava, and lava along rivers or valleys which originates from the peak of Mount Semeru, particularly along Besuk Kobokan, Besuk Bang, Besuk Kembar, and Besuk Sat, as well as the potential for lava in rivers which started from Besuk Kobokan.

Source: Antara News