Mosquito Campaign in Kalibata Intensified

An anti-campaign mosquito (PSN) action is set toward 108 homes in RW 10, Kalibata Urban Village, Pancoran, South Jakarta, Friday (3/15).

“It’s our aim to socialize them to be more aware of the dangers of dengue fever (DBD) and to further strengthen education to citizens,” expressed South Jakarta Vice Mayor, Isnawa Adji.

He said that there should be full awareness of citizens to monitor larvae in the water tank, flowerpots, and used cans. This is because a clean place does not guarantee free of mosquito larvae.

Meanwhile, RW 10 Chairperson, Surip Natadi often conducts socialization about 3M movement; mengubur (bury), menguras (drain) and menutup (cover).

“We also intend to intensify a communal work in once three weeks here,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta