Morocco-Indonesia brotherhood has existed since 16th century

Pamekasan, E java (ANTARA) – The Brotherhood between the Moroccan and Indonesian ulemas has been in existence since the 16th century, Moroccan ulema, Sayyid Syarif Adnan Talidy El-Hasany, said.

“This is based on the results of historical research conducted by Moroccan scientist, Ibnu Bathuta,” Syarif Adnan said while addressing the 5th Islamic History Study Week held at Mambaul Ulum Islamic Boarding School (Pesantren), in Bata-bata, Pamekasan District, East Java Province, on Saturday.

He said the Indonesian ulemas who played a remarkable role in propagating Islam in the country were the Wali Songso (the Nine Saints), he said.

In fact, the lineage of the Nine Saints is connected to the Prophet Muhammad based on several propositions examined by the lineage team of the Moroccan Kingdom, he said.

Nobody is opposed to the lineage, he said.

“And the chain of proportions has been explained by the credible sharif,” he said.

On the occasion, Syarif Adnan appealed to the students of the Islamic boarding school to always have the spirit to study by following the Prophet Muhammad and the ulemas.

Moroccan ulema, Sayyid Syarif Adnan Talidy El-Hasany, is an ulema of Morocco who became an informant on Islamic History Studies.

He said he was glad to meet with the Muslims in Madura island and all his brothers were bound by one belief.

Source: Antara News