Missing Malaysian vessel found in Dumai

Kuala Lumpur (ANTARA News) – Malaysian Tanker vessel named MT Pratama 128, that was previously reported missing, has been found in the Rupat Island waters, Dumai, Riau province, by the Indonesian Navy on Tuesday.

Malaysias Director General of Maritime Datuk Seri Zulkifli Abi Bakar told the local Daily Mail that during the initial investigation, he had gained information that the ship was hijacked by its own crew.

“We cooperated with the Indonesian Navy and discovered the ship. The Malaysian Maritime is currently in the negotiation process to bring the ship back,” he said.

He further stated that thus far in the investigation, he did not find any robbery or piracy elements in the incident.

“The vessel is being closely watched through radars and patrols, but we believe that the crew simply saw an opportunity when the patrol officers returned to the bay, and took it,” he added.

The Malaysian Maritime, he continued, will continue cooperation with the Indonesian Navy to investigate the direction that the vessel is being taken.

Previously, Malaysias tanker vessel MT Pratama 128, that was being held under the Malaysian Maritime, was reportedly gone missing on Monday.

The vessel was taken into custody for violating the Merchant Shipping Ordinance of 1953.

Source: ANTARA News