Ministry urges parents of sexual violence victims to file cases

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Deputy for Child Protection at the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (KPPPA) Nahar has asked parents of children who have suffered sexual violence to come forward and report the cases to the authorities.

“This is crucial because sexual violence has a long-term negative impact on children,” he said here on Friday.

Nahar urged everyone to be aware that sexual violence is a criminal act, and therefore, the perpetrators can be held accountable.

To this end, he highlighted that families and children must know where they can report sexual violence.

He cited the case involving the rape of 13 students in West Java by the owner of their boarding school, identified as Herry Wirawan. The case came to light due to the bravery of the children, parents, and support from the community, he said.

“From this case, we can learn that the courage of children, the courage of parents, the courage of the community, allowed several children (who are victims) to be identified and saved,” he noted.

According to Nahar, the students’ parents were initially afraid to report the rape. However, support from society encouraged them to report what their children had experienced, he added.

Parents should understand that by reporting sexual violence experienced by their children, they can receive assistance from various parties to ensure that their rights are fulfilled, he said.

If parents do not report the case, it could lead to other bad things, he noted. For that reason, he stressed that everyone must be encouraged to file a report.

“Thus, there will be next steps that can be provided for the victim and the victim’s family. We hope children’s best interests in the fields of education, health, and other rights can be fulfilled,” he remarked.

Source: Antara News