Ministry pushes State Safety Program to improve national flight safety


The Directorate General of Air Transportation at the Transportation Ministry has called for the improvement of flight safety performance in Indonesia by pushing for a national aviation safety program called State Safety Program.

“The program is also mandated by the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO’s) international regulations,” Director General of Civil Aviation at the ministry Novie Riyanto remarked at a meeting with Commission V of the Indonesian House of Representatives here on Tuesday.

Flight safety performance in Indonesia is well monitored through a number of indicators, he noted.

According to the Effective Implementation (EI) of Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program (USOAP), Indonesia’s flight safety performance has achieved a score of 80.84 percent, which is higher than the targeted score of 60 percent.

Thus, Indonesia has achieved the ICAO Aerodrome Certification with a satisfactory predicate.

In addition, the country has also obtained an unrestricted predicate from the European Union (EU) Air Safety List, a score of 18 on Global Aviation Training Activities, as well as a score of 34 on Corrective Action Plan. The scores were above the target.

“However, we have not been able to achieve the targeted score of the fulfillment of the Protocol Question (PQ) for the State Safety Program (SSP) Foundation,” the director general said.

The fulfillment of PQ SSP Foundation with a 100-percent score is highly necessary to make the implementation of the SSP in line with the targets of ICAO by 2025, he added.

Hence, he urged all stakeholders to strive in completing all findings of the PQ SSP Foundation by 2022, such as the involvement of the ministry in recruiting aviation inspectors and investigators, the adequacy of the number of inspectors, as well as training programs for medical certification assessors.

In addition, the findings include the separation of functions of the regulatory and operator organizations in the directorate general as well as the revision of Law Number 1 of 2009 on Aviation.

“We will evaluate the working mechanism of the SSP team, thus, they can work optimally,” Riyanto added.

Source: Antara News