Ministry lists three priority issues in energy transition


The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry listed access, technology, and funding for energy transition as priority issues in the Energy Transitions Working Group (ETWG) of Indonesia’s 2022 G20 Presidency.

Expert Staff at the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry for Strategic Planning, Yudo Dwinanda, stated that through the G20, the government was promoting a cleaner global energy system and a just transition to sustainable recovery.

“We want this (energy) transition to be fair. In the paradigm shift towards new and renewable energy, there should be no countries left behind, (since they would) eventually be affected socially and economically,” Dwinanda stated during an online discussion accessed here on Friday.

He explained that every country was expected to have universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable, and modern energy.

Indonesia also called to increase the use of various types of technology and anticipate future energy transition challenges, including increased demand for energy storage, low-emission energy systems, clean industry development, and technology transfer, to the integration of renewable energy.

The third issue would be tackled by finding solutions related to funding and investment. The efforts would be expedited through a green finance ecosystem to address funding disparities across countries.

Concrete measures would be expected to result from the working meeting as a means to reinforce a sustainable global energy system. The expectation was shared and accepted during the G20 meeting, he noted.

On the same occasion, founder of the Society of Renewable Energy, Zagy Berian, stated that the Indonesian government could achieve its net zero emission target by 2060 by expediting the development of new and renewable energy.

“When we want to achieve net zero emission, we have to change the whole ecosystem,” Berian affirmed.

He emphasized that the youth had an important part to play in supporting the energy transition to sustainable energy.

According to Berian, today’s young generation had begun to see the necessity in realizing the need for energy transition towards clean energy for future survival.

However, he opined that access to knowledge related to environmental issues and energy transition was deemed necessary.

“They were aware but need a pioneer from their peers. Moreover, they are not familiar with the (current) energy institutions in Indonesia as well as other obstacles,” he stated.

Source: Antara News