Ministry creates roadmap to drive economic transformation


A digital roadmap was created by the ministry to drive economic transformation according to the government’s 2023 work plan, National Development Planning Minister Suharso Monoarfa stated.

“The National Development Planning Agency has created a digital roadmap for Indonesia as part of the (efforts to support) economic transformation,” Minister Monoarfa noted at the 2022 Development Planning Conference here on Thursday.

He deemed digital transformation as one of the important keys in pursuing economic transformation due to which the government was making efforts to that end.

Indonesia has a big population that makes it a prospective or potential country for the development of digital transformation in the country.

On the other hand, he reminded that Indonesia should not remain as just an avid consumer of imported digital products but also become a large digital producer that can meet domestic and foreign demands.

Apart from digital transformation, the government’s 2023 work plan also listed several major projects as a means to pursue national priorities, for which preparation was made through improvement of the clearing house mechanism.

The improvement of the clearing house mechanism in the planning process was done in order to ensure that the output of the development, in the form of benefits, could be delivered to the right targets –in this case the public– in a precise manner.

The major projects in the work plan include priority industrial areas and smelters; integrated management of micro, small, and medium enterprises; food estates; tourism destinations; and acceleration of renewable energy development and energy conservation.

The work plan also aimed for social protection reform, reformation of the national health system, vocational education and training geared towards the needs of Industry 4.0, efforts to reduce maternal mortality and stunting, as well as Papua’s traditional territory.

It also encompassed construction of the Nusantara Capital City and the integrated main port network, as well as the construction of waste treatment facilities.

Source: Antara News