Ministers told to think over before issuing ministerial regulations

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo told his minister to be careful in issuing ministerial regulation so as not to hamper business and investment development.

“Please be careful and make thorough calculation of all relevant factors before issuing ministerial regulations,” the president said when opening a cabinet meeting here on Monday.

He said time for socialization with the people and other stakeholders should be given before issuing regulation to ensure that the regulation would not hamper the development of the business sector.

“Ministerial regulations should not serve to strengthen the authority of the ministers concerned,” he said

Currently, ministers should serve more facilitate business and investment expansion, he said adding ministerial regulations should contribute to boosting economic development and opening new jobs.

The presidents statements came after a number of investors complaints about restrictive regulations issued by a number of ministers.

Source: Antara News