Minister urges staff to conduct paradigm shift in village development


Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (Kemendes PDTT) Minister Abdul Halim Iskandar, in a statement here on Thursday, urged his staff to conduct a paradigm shift in village development in the 2022 work plan.

“We cannot just be capable of presenting the budget absorption. We should be able of present concrete achievements in terms of activities in the form of output and outcome,” he noted.

“This requires a change in thinking and paradigm shift in behavior. Let us all start together and not just the bureaucrats,” he affirmed.

Paradigm change should be based on performance effectiveness. In addition, the produced work plans should be related to the villagers’ real concern and should have an significant impact on them.

“In 2021, we found many shortcomings and even failures,” he noted.

“We expect that the gap in 2021 is handled through serious efforts,” he noted while opening the 2022 Kemendes PDTT Work Plan Synchronization Work Meeting in Sukabumi, West Java, on Wednesday.

The effort to change the paradigm in village development has begun ever since the Village Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were issued by conducting development based on addressing problems that exist in each village.

This could be implemented at the ministerial level in order to make up for shortcomings that occurred in 2021, according to the minister.

“We expect village development to not be based on the interests of certain parties but instead on the needs and problems. This necessitates micro data backup at the village level,” he noted.

During the event, the performance and integrity pact between the minister, vice minister, and high-ranking officials within the Kemendes PDTT was signed as a form of commitment by the leadership to conduct the duties, functions, and work plan that they targeted for 2022.

Source: Antara News