Minister saddened by greedy officials

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Home Affairs Minister Tjahjo Kumolo said he was saddened by so many greedy officials of regional administrations nabbed by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

KPK already caught red handed and arrested a number of regents, regional politicians on graft charge in the past month.

“This time it was in Southeast Sulawesi, KPK again nabbed a city mayor and governor hopeful,” the Minister said here on Wednesday.

He referred to the arrest of Asrun, who is a candidate to content the forthcoming gubernatorial election of the province and the Kendari city mayor Adriatma Dwi Putra.

“What makes it more saddening is the governor hopeful and the mayor are father and son,” he said.

He said KPK already hinted to him about something not right about to take place in Kendari when he met with the KPK leaders on Monday.

The Minister said on Monday he and acting Southeast Sulawesi Governor were invited by KPK leaders to a meeting on Monday. “And only yesterday the meeting was widely published in that province,” he added.

“Greed apparently had blinded the mayor and his father that they failed to see the signal with meeting between the minister , acting Governor and KPK leaders,” an observer said.

Tjahjo said many heads of regional administrations were obviously unaware that KPK is watching them closely especially those in areas considered to be rampant with corruption.

The Minister said KPK has a list of 360 areas in 22 province suspected of being infested with corruption.

“The focus of KPK activities covers 360 regional administrations – regencies, mayoralty, almost all areas,” he said.

The central government and KPK have often reminded regional administrations and local law enforcement agencies telling them of areas and sector in which corruption are easily committed, he said.

“Yes, we are sad and deeply concerned with the fact. We and the president have repeatedly warned against committing corruption,” he said.

KPK arrested Adriatma Dwi Putra and his father Asrun, who was former mayor of Kendari in two terms, 2007 – 2012 and 2012 – 2017, together with five other suspects including a businessman.

Source: ANTARA News