Minister highlights lack of child-friendly television shows


Minister of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, Bintang Puspayoga, pointed out that currently only a few media platforms, including television, broadcasted material specifically catering to children.

“As a result of this condition, the child audience lacks choices and switches to watching film genres that are not suitable for that age group. This is due to the assumption that the children’s segment is considered boring or uncommercial,” Puspayoga noted in a press release on Thursday.

In fact, television shows have a major influence on the mindset and behavioral patterns of children, she remarked.

“Children are great imitators, and they imitate what they watch,” Puspayoga noted.

The minister assessed that the provision of quality information and educational facilities for children should not be weighed against the value of money.

“In fact, there is an advantage if television shows could support the growth and development of children. They can build a strong, intelligent and qualified young generation as future leaders of the nation,” she remarked.

According to Minister Puspayoga, concerted efforts are deemed necessary to present child-friendly shows. Her ministry and the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) continue to work together in ensuring quality broadcasts for Indonesian children to protect children and ensure fulfilment of their rights.

Her side has also offered inputs on the revision of the Broadcasting Code of Conduct and Broadcast Program Standards (P3SPS), which also emphasized that broadcasters must be heedful of and protect the interests of children and/or youth generation of the country.

Broadcasting institutions, as the content providers, are expected to offer aspects of child-friendly television, including by paying attention to the best interests of children, participating in solving children’s problems, and protecting them from violence, exploitation, discrimination, and other mistreatment as well as fulfilling children’s participation rights.

Minister Puspayoga also suggested that the media must be prudent in screening or conducting background checks on public figures given the opportunity to appear on shows.

“Once again, I remind you not to give all forms of support, glorification, and romanticization of various information that support forms of child abuse, either directly or indirectly. Do not choose talents that are not suitable as role models with inappropriate track records. We have to put our efforts together to realize the fulfillment of children’s rights,” she affirmed.

Source: Antara News