Minister hands over aid to families of MV Sinar Bangun victims

Simalungun, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) – Minister of Social Affairs Idrus Marham handed over social aid to the family members of the victims of the KM Sinar Bangun motor vessel that capsized in Lake Toba, North Sumatra.

“This is our second visit. We continue to provide aid to the survivors and the families of the victims,” Marham stated in Simalungun on Monday.

The handover of the aid was carried out at the pavilion of the Simalungun sub-district head.

He explained that Rp15 million rupiah was handed over to each of the families of the 164 victims, while Rp2.5 million was given to the 18 survivors.

A total of 200 packages, worth Rp37 million, and a unit of public kitchen, worth Rp497 million, were given out by the Ministry. The total compensation reached over Rp3 billion.

Marham also visited the families of the victims and the location of the accident.

In a meeting with the victims families, the Minister of Social Affairs conveyed five important things stated by President Joko Widodo.

First, the government seeks to find victims with various skills to the best of its abilities. Second, he urged the Minister of Social Affairs and related officials to take care of the families of the victims.

Third, the president asked the Ministry of Social Affairs to help ease the burden on the families of the victims.

Fourth, he called for the proper management of Lake Toba. Fifth, sea transport entrepreneurs who do not abide by the rules and regulations related to passenger safety will have their license revoked.

“We certainly expect no more such accidents in future. Therefore, many things have to be carried out, including the management of Lake Toba,” Marham remarked.

Director General of Social Protection and Social Security, Harry Hikmat, noted that the verification process of victim and the data of their heirs have been collected by the local government to enable the distribution of aid.

The government has decided to provide compensation to all victims as KM Sinar Bangun was overcrowded and lacked the list of manifests required.

It is, therefore, necessary to receive confirmation about the victims and their heirs from the district government.

KM Sinar Bangun capsized while sailing from Simanindo on Samosir Island to Tigaras on Monday (June 18), with the latest estimates revealing that it had carried 192 passengers.

Source: ANTARA News