Minister expresses regret over sexual violence case in Tarakan


Jakarta Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Bintang Puspayoga expressed regret over the case of sexual violence against five male students committed by a male teacher in an Islamic boarding school (pesantren) in Tarakan, North Kalimantan.

“It is regrettable that there are still cases of sexual violence in educational institutions,” the minister noted in a press statement here on Friday.

According to Puspayoga, educational institutions should be places that are safe from all forms of violence.

The minister stated that the task of educators is not only to provide knowledge but also to edify and become examples of good behavior as well as provide protection from all forms of physical, psychological, sexual violence, neglect and discrimination against children in all educational institutions.

The minister lauded the bravery of the victims, aged 8-12 years, who had spoken up about the sexual violence they experienced, so that the perpetrators could be immediately arrested by the North Tarakan Police.

Puspayoga also lauded the prompt response of the police and expressed optimism that the perpetrators would be severely punished, so that it would serve as a deterrent effect for the perpetrators.

Puspayoga reminded parents to not be ashamed to report, as most of those perpetrators of sexual violence against children were victims before. Thus, victims must receive therapy, so that the case will not recur in future.

The minister also urged schools, pesantren, and other boarding and religious schools to conduct psychological assessments against prospective teachers during the recruitment as part of the preventive measures and to ensure protection for students from sexual violence.

In the case of sexual violence in a pesantren in Tarakan City, the perpetrator, RD, 22, confessed to having committed the crime since 2016. However, as he had committed the act several times, he admitted that he had forgotten the exact count of the victims.

The police suspected that the number of victims is more than five male students.

Source: Antara News