Minister, BKKBN head unveil Stunting-Free DRPPA in North Sumatra


Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Bintang Puspayoga and National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) Head Hasto Wardoyo have launched the Stunting-Free Women and Child Friendly Village (DRPPA) program in North Sumatra.

“According to the 2021 Indonesian Nutritional Status Study, the prevalence of stunting in North Sumatra is above 30 percent. This is what we still continue to prevent,” the minister informed in a press statement issued on Wednesday.

Currently, there are 13 out of 33 districts or cities that have a red status, meaning their stunting prevalence is over 30 percent.

“The number of women in North Sumatra has reached 50.1 percent and (the number of) children is pegged at 35.64 percent of the total population,” she informed.

“They are large potential human resources in North Sumatra. Hence, preventive action must done to protect children from stunting and women by providing balanced nutrition,” she added.

While there are many policies that support the effort to empower and protect women and children, women still frequently encounter discrimination as well as stigmatization. They also often become victims, Puspayoga opined.

DRPPA is one of the strategies to empower women, fulfill the rights of children, and protect children at the grassroots level.

“All elements in villages, specifically women and children, need to be involved in developing villages toward DRPPA,” the minister remarked.

As the parties who directly understand the hurdles that they must handle, women and children certainly know the correct solution to narrowing the existing gap, she said.

“I expect the support from the North Sumatra governor, regional heads, sub-district heads, and village chiefs to assist and to ensure that the DRPPA strategy can proceed as we expect,” she remarked.

Source: Antara News