Minister asks people not to shoot crocodile roaming at pier

Jakarta, Environment and Forestry Minister SitiNurbayaBakar has called on the people not to shoot a crocodile which is roaming at PulauDayung Pier, TanjungPriok, Noth Jakarta.

The minister said that instead of shooting the animal the people should catch and evacuate it with nets in order to prevent it from attacking the locals.

SitiNurbaya conveyed the matter to the press in a written statement in Jakarta on Sunday related to the 2.5-meter crocodile that appeared at the Pier of PulauDayung Island.

The minister asked that the animal should not to be shot. However, it is necessary to prepare an immediate evacuation measure so as not to threaten the safety of the surrounding community.

“We have asked the naval base (Lantamal) officials not to shoot with the firearms of the animal. The crocodile is now in saline water area that is not its habitat. With saline water, the crocodile can at last die,” said SitiNurbaya.

Being in public waters, the crocodile needs to be evacuated for the public safety.

The evacuation measures, said Minister Siti, should be coordinated with Lantamal and Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Management. In addition the conservation agency team is identifying the case.

“Today the conservation field team is still on standby with the management of Ancol and Lantamal. Safty nets to the Ancol boundary have also been installed,” she said.

Until now, the causes for the crocodile to roam around the beach are now yet known. To that end the minister has asked the conservation agency director general and relevant directors to continue to seek information why the crocodile is there.

“Basically, crocodiles are freshwater animals,” said SitiNurbaya.

Nurbaya has requested the relevant ranks to check all the conservation institutions or or captive breeding around Pluit in North Jakarta. “It is very unlikely that the crocodile is in that location because of natural factors,” she said.

The crocodile was shot while appearing in PondokDuyung Pier, TanjungPriok, North Jakarta, on Friday (June 15). The shot hit two spots on the crocodiles body. But the crocodile disappeared after the shot.

Source: Antara News