Migrant CARE denounces hoax circulating on preliminary election abroad

Jakarta Migrant Care, a non-governmental organization advocating for immigrant Indonesians working abroad, denounced a hoax spread on Indonesia’s overseas election ballots’ result and put its support behind the General Election Commission to comprehensively investigate the perpetrators.

This hoax was possibly circulated to further complicate matters concerning the preliminary elections overseas on Apr 8-14, as a means of turning up the heat ahead of the simultaneous elections here on April 17, 2019, Migrant CARE Executive Director Wahyu Susilo noted in a press statement received here on Wednesday.

Susilo has gauged that irresponsible parties had spread the hoax aimed at delegitimizing the credibility of election organizers.

Hence, Migrant CARE had lent full support to the General Election Commission to take this case to the realm of law.

Susilo called for special focus to be laid on the preliminary election for Indonesians residing abroad. With three diverse vote-casting methods through polling stations, mobile dropbox, and post mail, a special monitoring mechanism is necessary to ascertain adherence to the election’s principles of fairness, direct, general, free, and confidential.

Migrant CARE has observed that during the election period from 2004 to 2019, no monitoring mechanism was in place to enable election supervisors to ascertain the safety of the shipped mobile dropbox.

Hence, Migrant CARE, as the official observer of the Indonesian elections abroad, has called on the General Election Supervisory Body to facilitate access to surveillance and monitoring the delivery of ballots from the mobile dropbox and post mail.

Moreover, Migrant CARE will send Indonesian election observers to nations, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, having a long list of permanent voters in the preliminary election.

Source: Antara News