Medicinal Crops Planted In Kebayoran Lama

Residents of RW 07 Kebayoran Lama Selatan (KLS) Urban Village, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta turns alley in their environment into green alley which is planted with various medicinal crops.

Manager of this green alley, Utiek Triati informed, there are about 250 medicinal crops planted in this alley using pots and sets of PVC pipes.

“We get red ginger seeds, cat’s whiskers seeds (known as kumis kucing in Indonesia), and others from South Jakarta KPKP Sub-department,” she stated.

According to her, medicinal crops need extra care such as by watering it twice a day and giving fertilizer once a month.

“It should be also avoided from pests thus it can grow well and give us benefit,” she added.

Kebayoran Lama Selatan Urban Village Head, Fachrudin feels proud with locals collaboration in maintaining the environment. Especially they become a pioneer for other RWs for developing urban farming.

“Now we are planting vegetables and medicinal crops on vacant lands owned by residents or developers. Besides, we also train residents routinely thus they can use their vacant land for urban farming purpose,” he conveyed.

Source: Berita Jakarta