Marunda Flat’s Senior Residents Empowered to Provide Compost

7 senior residents of Marunda Flat are encouraged to contribute in Marunda Waste Management and Composting Community (Komar). In this community, they are empowered to process organic waste into compost.

Komar Manager, Hery Iskandar stated those senior residents are empowered to sort waste and process it into compost. They can produce around 1 ton of dry compost per month from collecting organic waste in Marunda Flat. Then they pack the compost and sell it in their outlet on Jalan Rusun Marunda RT 05/07. Their customers came from different regions, start from their neighbors and people around Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek).

“Actually, we also produce liquid compost from organic waste. But we can’t produce many of them due to our limited equipment,” he said, Monday (3/18).

According to him, 2 kilogram of dry compost is sold Rp 10,000 per pack and 300 ml of liquid compost is sold Rp 5,000 per bottle.

“We can earn about Rp 20 million per month. In the future, we hope there is a good technology that can be used to increase our production,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta