Malaysian water police capture five Indonesian traditional fishermen

Langkat, North Sumatra (ANTARA News) – Five traditional fishermen from Sei Bilah, Sei Lepan Subdistrict, Langkat District, North Sumatra, were arrested by Malaysian water police, even though they were fishing in Indonesian waters.

This was conveyed by the Executive Director of the Bahari Pangkalan Brandan House Azhar Kasim, at Pangkaln Brandan, Thursday.

Azhar explained that the five traditional fishermen were identified as Abdul Rahman Ritonga (37) were tekong, Alfan (43), M Barlin (39), Danu Dirja (37), Zulkifli (54).

He explained that the information about the arrest of the five Indonesian fishermen who were currently on Penang Island, Malaysia, was obtained from Barlins wife (Siti Fatimah) who had been portrayed via her handphone, her husband and other fishermen were now detained there.

According to the story, the five of them went to sea from Jalan Pangkalan Brandan on Saturday (22/9) at around 22.00 WIB, using PB motorboats 64 KM Bunga Laut.

Next Wednesday (9/26) news came around at 9:00 a.m., after M Barlin communicated with Siti Fatimah, they were arrested on Tuesday (9/25)a by Malaysian police.

For this reason, we sincerely hope for assistance from the government of Langkat, North Sumatra Province, and the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, to be able to try to repatriate all fishermen arrested there.

Moreover, it is also known that there are many more traditional Langkat fishermen who have not been sent home because of their sentences, while families like their children and wives continue to wait here, even though they need a living. *** 1 ***

Source: ANTARA News