JAKARTA, Indonesia The Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta is monitoring the boat capsize incident in Lake Toba, Sumatra for any Malaysians involved in the tragedy which struck on Monday.

An embassy spokesman said the embassy was still trying to get information on victims and was monitoring the search and rescue operation conducted by Indonesian authorities.

The embassy is closely monitoring the operations if the incident involved Malaysians, the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, Indonesian authorities are still searching for victims of the passenger boat which capsized while carrying 100 passengers in Lake Toba, North Sumatra on Monday.

According to reports, four women bodies had been recovered so far while 19 passengers were rescued.

Based on Indonesian media reports, there were various versions on the total number of passengers missing in the incident and some believed it could be more than 100 people involved.

A spokesman of North Sumatra district police quoted by Antara news agency said based on information from families of victims, it was feared the wooden boat, KM Sinar Bangun maybe carrying 189 passengers.

“So far there is no comprehensive data on the total number of missing victims, the spokesman said.

The wooden KM Sinar Bangun was reported to have capsized in the waters of Lake Toba at about 5.30 pm on Monday due to bad weather.

Source: NAM News Network