Madiun produces 27,000 cubic meters of waste per day

The amount of waste dumped in Kaliabu landfill in Madiun district, East Java province, can reach 27 thousand cubic meters per day, according to local Cleanliness and Landscaping Service (DKP) spokesman Anang Sulistyono.

“Of the 27 thousand cubic meters of garbage per day, only around 10 percent is processed by the DKP into compost,” Sulistyono remarked here Saturday.

Although the Kaliabu landfill has not been overcapacity, the DKP wants the processing of garbage to continue, he added.

“Kaliabu landfill is still able to accommodate the waste for the next 20 years, but we continue to process the waste, although the processing effort has yet to be optimal,” he noted.

Lack of optimal processing of the waste at the Kaliabu landfill is due to the limited facilities and infrastructure it has, according to him.

In addition to processing the waste into compost, the waste management at the Kaliabu landfill is also done with a system of “open dumping”, Sulistyono said.

Source: Antara News