London School encourages “parentpreneurship” for autistic children

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The London School of Public Relations (LSPR) Jakarta has called on parents with children afflicted with autistic syndrome (ASD) to turn entrepreneurs to offer job opportunities to support their family members.

“Autistic individuals continue to face difficulties in getting jobs. However, they are, in fact, talented and capable enough to be honed to succeed in life and also benefit others,” Director of LSPR Jakarta Prita Kemal Gani stated at a seminar themed “Parentpreneur: Creatively Creating Job Opportunities for Autistic Individuals,” here, Saturday.

Gani shed light on the term “parentpreneur” wherein parents build and develop business units for their autistic children.

“We have coined this term to rouse the spirit of parents to develop businesses for their children affected with autism,” Gani, also the founder of LSPR Jakarta, noted.

Gani believes parents are the ones best tuned to spot strengths in their kids, especially those with autism, and have a broader understanding of the environment that is conducive to the activities of these family members.

“My experience of witnessing various businesses being built by and for ASD (autistic) individuals has driven my enthusiasm to do something for them, especially for my beloved daughter, Raysha,” she noted.

Gani cited the example of a cafe business in Thailand called True Coffee Cafe that has a 100 percent workforce of ASD individuals.

Products from the coffee shop, serving as the royal communications provider, are chiefly for the company’s workers.

One of the key concerns of LSPR for the development of ASD children is setting up the LSPR Autistic Awareness Center (LSCAA) and the London School of Beyond Academy (LSBA), that are specifically schools for children with ASD.

LSCA is LSPR’s social responsibility to raise awareness of autism among members of the community through festivals for ASD individuals, training for parents, film making, and other activities.

Moroever, LSBA offers entrepreneurship trainings for ASD individuals through encouraging parental involvement as the market providers for their children’s products.

Gani expressed hope that the work of ASD individuals would draw other people’s attention and admiration, as the quality of their products are at par with those produced by other people, in general.

“I am not looking for mercy while promoting or selling ASD individuals’ products, but because the quality of their products is good. People should know who make the products and who use them,” Gani stated.

Source: ANTARA News