Locals Happy with Soemarno Crossing Bridge

A new crossing bridge (JPO) that is located at Jalan Somarno, Penggilingan, Cakung, East Jakarta gets appreciation from local residents.

Nining (51), a resident of Penggilingan, said she thanked the Jakarta Provincial Government for building the bridge.

“We’re happy, as we are not afraid to cross the road anymore,” she expressed, Thursday (1/24).

East Jakarta Bina Marga Sub-department Head, Juaini Yusuf explained that its construction was built by Jakarta Bina Marga Department.

The bridge itself is built with artistic style and decorated by colorful lamps at night.

“We realize it through last year’s budget,” he told.

Jakarta Bina Marga Department’s Overpass and Intersection Section Head, Heru Suwondo added that budget was also used to build the Jelambar crossing bridge, West Jakarta.

“It also has included procurement of lift, lighting and CCTV,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta