Local governments should disseminate face-to-face learning information

Spokesperson for the Task Force Handling COVID-19 Prof. Wiku Adisasmito has urged the local government to disseminate information on limited face-to-face learning and supervision during its implementation.

“Related to this (case), the central government has urged the regional government to disseminate information on the decision on face-to-face learning that has been drafted by various ministries,” Adisasmito noted in a written statement here on Wednesday.

In order that the upcoming direct learning runs smoothly, the government has ensured that educators will also receive the COVID-19 vaccination targeted to be completed in June 2021.

Meanwhile, the number of teachers expected to receive the COVID-19 vaccination reaches 5.8 million.

“This target is set after passing various considerations and is adjusted to the vaccination capability on the field,” he stated.

The government had earlier issued a Joint Decree (SKB) of Four Ministers on Learning Guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic. The decree regulates limited face-to-face learning in July 2021.

Source: Antara News

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