Library transformation a must: ministry

Internal Affairs

Library transformation has now become a necessity, deputy for coordination of mental revolution, cultural advancement, and improvement of sports achievement at the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, Didik Suhardi, has stressed.

“Now, in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, which is marked by the need for critical thinking and problem-solving skills, communication skills, critical thinking, and collaboration, it must be balanced with library capabilities,” Suhardi said at a talk show entitled ‘Library Transformation: Realizing a National Digital Ecosystem,’ accessed from Jakarta on Tuesday.

He said that a library must not only be accessible through physical visits, but must be made available anytime and anywhere.

“Anyone, anywhere, and anytime must be able to access the library. Therefore, transformation is a must,” he explained.

Libraries have an important role in the field of literacy, which is part of the human development cycle, Suhardi said.

“Libraries, which are part of literacy and are an important part of human resource development, must carry out transformations,” he added.

Head of the National Library (Perpusnas), Muhammad Syarif Bando, said that libraries have a role in spreading knowledge to the public.

“The task of the library is to collect scattered information, then repackage it and distribute it to the public so that it can be used,” Syarif explained.

The National Library, he said, has the task of searching for information scattered around the country, which can then be used by the public.

Practices and knowledge that exist in the country can be disseminated through the library.

Source: Antara News