Legal process underway for 10 released suspects in Ternate rally


Ternate, N Maluku (ANTARA) – The North Maluku Provincial Police sent home 10 people suspected of creating chaos during a rally against the job creation law in the provincial capital of Ternate after subjecting them to an interrogation.

“Despite being named suspects, they have not been detained, but the legal process on them still continues,” Chief of the Public Relations Section of the North Maluku Provincial Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner Adip Rojikan stated here on Friday.

The 10 people were arrested while rallying in front of the Ternate Mayor’s Office for which they have been charged with violation of article 212 of the Penal Code. If found guilty, they could face a prison term of up to 16 months.

“They have not been detained since the formal requirements for their detention had yet to be met. However, their legal process is underway,” he revealed.

Rojikan noted that 19 demonstrators were earlier arrested for allegedly causing chaos during several rallies against the law in Ternate. However, only 10 of them were named suspects.

“The rallies, involving hundreds of students from across Ternate City, turned violent. The police arrested 19 demonstrators for questioning, of which 10 were named suspects,” he remarked.

Rojikan stated that the 19 arrested demonstrators comprised 13 university students, two high school students, and four community members.



Source: Antara News