Lecturers need to change assessment methods in online learning: expert

Lecturers need to change assessment methods for their students during online learning, an education expert from UTS College Australia pointed out.

The teaching staff need to have more appropriate assessment methods to enable their students to achieve better results, Amanda White wrote on press release here on Sunday.

In assessing their academic achievement, the students, for instance, should not have a closed book examination as a form of assessment method.

Instead, they can get an open book examination as long as the questions require them to do analysis to answer. Therefore, the students do not only memorize the teaching materials they have received, she said.

The quality of direct learning at campus may get lowered due to online learning. However, the phenomenon does not happen at her college. The learning quality does not change though an online learning method is applied, she pointed out.

White, UTS Deputy Head – Students and Subjects Faculty of Business, noted that the most important point is to trigger the students to study together in fun ways. Moreover, the lessons learned will match to jobs they aspire.

Thus, both lecturers and students necessitate to discuss about current issues that will lead them to identify and create their contribution to business sector and local communities.

Previously, UniSadhuGuna International College (UIC College) under PT UniSadhuGuna along with global partner, UTS College held a workshop on topic “Understand What Are Employers Seeking and How to Keep Building Career Readiness During this Uncertain Time”.

Head of UniSadhuGuna at the Pondok Indah Campus, Yani Oktaviana, said that the discussion was aimed at giving the students the exposure and insight to face the unpredictable changes. In addition, it offers the solutions on how to become qualified human resources and make changes to be ready to work in any industrial sector.

Oktaviana added that this fast changing world needs to be well-adapted. Therefore, conducting some trainings for students is important to give them exposure and insight in line with global issues.

“As one of the educational institutions, we want to focus on preparing future leaders during the study period until they have to plough through the real world, career world,” she pointed out.

Source: Antara News

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