Law drafters have important role in harmonizing regulations: minister

Human Rights

Jakarta Law and Human Rights Minister, Yasonna H. Laoly, has said that the drafters of laws and regulations have a strategic position and a central function in the harmonization of laws and regulations.

“You must act professionally, maintaining your integrity as a drafter of laws and regulations,” the minister said in a statement received here on Tuesday.

By central role, he was referring to harmonizing draft laws and regulations, such as draft laws, draft government regulations, draft presidential regulations, as well as ministerial and institutional regulations.

Legislative designers need high-quality human resources to prevent cases of overlapping or conflicting regulations. By doing so, an integrated, harmonious, and sustainable national legal system can be realized.

The quality of drafters determines whether a legislation is good or bad, he stressed.

“(Making policies) must be done professionally and with integrity. Maintain (the honor) of the institution we love by working with dedication,” he remarked during an event titled ‘Reinforcing Responsibility to Harmonize, Unify, and Consolidate the Conception of Legislative Regulations.’

Minister Laoly attended a Working Group for Drafting Legislations to provide guidance regarding the tasks and functions of harmonizing draft ministerial regulations, draft regulations for non-ministerial government institutions, and draft regulations for non-structural institutions, as part of public services from the ministry.

Director general of legislation, Benny Riyanto, said that the main task of his administration was to formulate laws and regulations and to harmonize, unify, and consolidate the conception of laws and regulations.

Riyanto said that his administration formed the working group to implement the duty stipulated in Article 3 paragraph (2) of Government Regulation Number 59 of 2015 concerning the Participation of Legislative Designers in the Formation of Legislations.

“The Working Group team consists of 25 (smaller) working groups consisting of high-ranking pratama leaders and functional officials who draft laws and regulations contained in the Directorate General of Legislation and the National Legal Development Agency, and handle 90 ministries and institutions,” he added.

Each working group handles the harmonization of ministerial regulations or institutional regulations originating from three or four ministries and agencies.

“In 2021, the working group for harmonization has harmonized 1,525 ministerial regulations or institutional regulations. Until March 2022, the group has harmonized 290 ministerial regulations and institutional regulations,” he informed.

Source: Antara News