KSP assures of availability of cooking oil in market

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The Presidential Staff Office (KSP) has assured that there is sufficient stock of cooking oil in the market for distribution and urged people to stay calm.

“People do not need to worry and panic. The government assures that the availability of cooking oil in the market will be controlled. There is no shortage, and we have subsidized bulk cooking oil at an affordable price,” main expert of KSP, Bustanul Arifin, said in a written statement issued here on Friday.

The ministries of trade and industry have secured the stock and distribution of cooking oil to ensure it remains available for the public, the KSP informed.

The KSP also highlighted the government’s policy subsidizing the price of bulk cooking oil to Rp14 thousand per liter.

“Meanwhile, packaged cooking oil without subsidies is widely available in mini-markets, supermarkets, or modern markets,” Arifin added.

The National Police (Polri) force earlier stated that it is ready to oversee the distribution and availability of subsidized cooking oil in the market after the highest retail price (HET) of Rp14 thousand per liter was fixed for bulk cooking oil.

National Police chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, reminded all stakeholders, starting from producer companies, Crude Palm Oil (CPO) companies who prepare raw materials, and sellers who distribute cooking oil, to maintain cooking oil stock.

He said he hopes that in the future, there will not be long queues of people trying to buy cooking oil in the market.

“Once again, we hope that in the future, with the existing policies, there will be no more queues to buy cooking oil,” he added.

The government, during a limited meeting at Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, on March 15, 2022, decided to subsidize the price of bulk cooking oil to Rp14 thousand per liter in the market. The subsidy funds will be taken from the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency.

Meanwhile, the price for packaged cooking oil, both in simple and premium packaging, will be adjusted to the economic value.

Source: Antara News