KPU building was guarded following election verdict declaration

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Several hundred police officers continued to stand guard around the General Election Commission (KPU) building after vote result of the 2019 Indonesian presidential election was announced.

Based on ANTARA’s monitoring until 10 a.m. western Indonesia time, the police have been guarding the KPU building on Imam Bonjol Street, Menteng, Central Jakarta, round the clock.

Two water cannon cars, a barracuda car, and a mass-breaker vehicle are yet parked in front of the KPU building.

The police had earlier sterilized and secured the area along Imam Bonjol Street by shutting down road access from Menteng by placing concrete blocks and barbed wiring.

Several hundred police officers in full riot gear while others carrying long-barreled weapons were seen along with sniffer dogs in front of the KPU building.

Presently, KPU employees, police officers, Indonesian military apparatus, and accredited media crews can access the road to the KPU building from the Hotel Indonesia (HI) roundabout at Thamrin Street.

In the meantime, traffic congestion was observed in the area around the KPU building, specifically at the roads from Kuningan to Menteng and vice versa.

Source: ANTARA News