KPK receives 14 reports on Asian Games ticket gratification

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Spokesperson for the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Febri Diansyah said that his institution had received a total of 14 gratification reports related to the 2018 Asian Games ticket.

“Until this afternoon, the KPK has received 14 gratification reports related to Asian Games tickets. There are 13 reports of receipt of tickets that are not used, meaning that the gratuity is not used by the receiving party, and an acceptance report consisting of two tickets that have been used to attend the opening,” Diansyah said at the KPK building, Jakarta, on Tuesday.

However, he noted that the KPK could not identify who the 14 people, who reported the gratification, were because the information on reporting gratuities was closed by the Law.

“Unless the person himself submits, it is not possible to identify. There is a reporter who serves as Director General at Echelon 1 level, a reporter who serves as Director, Head of Sub Directorate, a secretary, and account representatives at the Directorate General of Taxation,” he explained.

Furthermore, he stated that the KPK would study and analyze it because the Act gave 30 working days for the receipt of the gratuity.

“At the same time, we remind other officials that there is still time to report the receipt of gratuities, which included either rejection reports, such as tickets received but never used, or acceptance reports. We will conduct further analysis,” he remarked.

He also noted that the reporting prevented the recipients of gratification from being charged under criminal acts as per Article 12B of Law Number 20 of 2001 concerning Eradication of Corruption through imprisonment of 4 to 20 years.

Source: ANTARA News