KMP Seluang ferry ship loaded with six trucks sinks

Pontianak, West Kalimantan (ANTARA) –

The KMP Seluang ferry ship, carrying six trucks on board, sank in Kapuas River at the Sunyat Pier, Belitang Hilir Sub-district, Sekadau District, Monday (Apr 22) night. KMP Seluang’s captain, Bambang Edi, remarked in Belitang Hilir, Sekadau, on Monday night that the ferry ship began to tilt within a short time of its mooring at the Sunyat Pier being removed and it setting sail toward the Asam River.

Edi thereafter took the decision to turn back the vehicle carrier to Sunyat Pier.

“The ship’s door was brought down again to let out the Innova cars and box trucks,” he noted.

The captain then attempted to stabilize the KMP Seluang ship that had tilted to the left, but to no avail. The vehicle carrier ultimately sank.

Edi was thankful that the Innova car, with passengers, including children, as well as a box truck positioned in front, were safe.

“The vehicles on the ship are trucks that are insured. Providentially, no casualties occurred. Now, the next thing to do is to secure the ship’s insurance documents on board as well as the passengers and vehicles on it,” he remarked.

The sinking ferry was loaded with three pieces of iron, a truck carrying two pieces of rubber, and a truck without cargo. At the time of the incident, the ship had onboard seven crew members along with its captain.

“Matters pertaining to the replacement of the ship must be coordinated with the center, and we want it to be done at the earliest. There is a possibility of the CCTV footage aboard the KMP being damaged after coming into contact with water. Our crew, Dimas was taken to the health center after the incident and helped save lives,” he added.

Source: ANTARA News