Kivlen Zen cries foul over claim of being defamed

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Kivlan Zen, ex-chief of the Army Strategic Reserves Command, named a suspect in an illegal weapon possession case, has asserted that he is a victim of defamation.

“Yes, I am defamed, I am defamed,” Zen told the press after being grilled along with another suspect over an assassination plan at the Jakarta Police Headquarters here on Wednesday.

The Jakarta Police cross-examined Zen from Tuesday at 4:55 p.m. local time until Wednesday at 00:15 a.m. local time. Zen chose to not respond much to the questions posed by reporters.

At the Jakarta Police Headquarters, Zen was interrogated along with Habil Marati and other witnesses, including Iwan, Aziz, and Fifi, over funds to be channeled for a plot to murder four prominent figures and a survey institute chairman.

Zen stated that the witnesses had slandered him of giving 15 thousand Singaporean dollars to Iwan to purchase illegal weapons.

Earlier, the police remarked that Marati had given 15 thousand Singaporean dollars to Zen and Iwan to find an executor to murder the four prominent figures.

The retired Army general, known as an opposition figure, was earlier accused of treason.

Source: Antara News