King Salman calls on fellow countries to fight terrorism

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Saudi Arabias King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud has called on fellow countries, mainly Muslim countries, to unite in the face terrorism and radicalism.

“Indeed, the challenges we are facing today, particularly in Muslim countries and the world in general is terrorism, clash of civilization, lack of respect for state sovereignty, and foreigners intervention in the domestic affairs of other countries,” King Salman said when delivering a speech on his visit to the Indonesian House of Representatives here, Thursday.

According to King Salman, todays challenges required states all over the world, in particular Muslim countries, to unite and coordinate in order to provide mutual benefits.

“I would like to express appreciation to the House of Representatives for improving cooperation between the two countries through the signing of eleven cooperation documents between Saudi Arabia and Indonesia,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the House of Representatives, Setya Novanto, in his speech said King Salmans visit to Indonesia is very historical as that has a significant meaning for improving cooperation between both countries.

According to Novanto, the visit of King Faisal 47 years ago showed that Indonesia and Saudi Arabia shared the same view and attitude in combating communism and zionism.

Meanwhile, the threat of the world today is how to create peace and security, and prevent terrorism and radicalism, he added.

“If Indonesia and Saudi Arabia can work together and are united, they may bring a great impact on creating world peace. Saunesia or Saudi-Indonesia axis should be established,” he said.(*)

Source: Antara News