King, Salman and his approach to enhance the number of K.S.A’s friends

King, Salman and his focus on making friends

One can differ from this theory, but that seems to be the fact that since the turmoil of the Gulf region happened, countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, seem to be much active when it comes to the international political arena and both these two countries are now mostly seen in the limelight of international politics, making friends and enhancing ties with different countries. This is because, the countries of the Gulf countries, fear to get trapped into the storm of the turmoil, that has affected the Gulf region badly, and improving ties with the rest of the world, happens to be a only way for them to stay away from the monster of terrorism and instability of the Gulf region caused by a turmoil in the region.

Saudi Arabia, seems to make friends from all over the world

If one goes through the current foreign policy of this current regime of Saudi Arabia, so he/she will get amazed to witness that the Saudi Arabia, has brought a drastic change in their foreign policy as it has got on the path of enhancing ties even with those countries, which whom it used to have just normal and decent diplomatic ties, and the world has witnessed it, as it started improving ties with countries such as Sri Lanka Afghanistan and Many other South Asian countries. Although that approach will help the regime of Saudi Arabia to get rid of the turmoil that has affected the Gulf region, but in order to bring peace and stability fully in the Gulf region the Saudi Arabia’s government will have to take some steps that are hard to take, but except taking those steps in order to bring the Gulf region on the right track, the regime of the Saudi Arabia does not have any option.

What Saudi Arabia should also do?

Making new friends, has always been a good move when it comes to improving the relation with the world from any country, but it is more effective that the country starts improving ties with the countries, with whom it has relations already, but those relations have to be enhanced more and same is the case with Saudi Arabia when you come across its relation with Iran. Saudi Arabia does have the relation with Iran, but it has to be improved more because, one cannot name it an ideal relation so far between the Gulf’s two major rivals such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. And it is sad to say that the world has witnessed the ups and downs in a relation between both these two major Gulf rivals and that has always distracted the Gulf region to sustain on the progressive path, so with improving ties with the rest of the world, the regime of Saudi Arabia, must also think of balancing ties with Iran, because it is the only option to bring stability in the Gulf region.

King, Salman’s devotion to have strong ties with Egypt, Turkey & rest of the Muslim world

King, Salman, seems much devoted to improving the ties with Egypt and Turkey, and both of these two countries, also seem to be much active as far as the current turmoil of the Gulf region is concerned, and enhancing ties with both these countries by Saudi Arabia, reveals the fact that the both these two countries seem to stand beside Saudi Arabia over many issues of the Gulf region. The Council of Ministers also appreciated the efforts of King, Salman in order to improve the ties with Turkey, Egypt and the rest of the Muslim world in fields, such as politics, economics and many other fields. According to Adel Al- Toraifi, a culture and information minister of Saudi Arabia, the Cabinet appreciated the leader of Saudi Arabia, King Salman for signing different agreements and investment programs with Egypt. And we must not forget that the current ties with Egypt of Saudi Arabia are much stronger than one can think of any relation between countries and an agreement to build a bridge over the Red Sea, is its indication.

King, Salman briefed his cabinet on his visits to Turkey and Egypt

According to the culture and information minister, the leader of Saudi Arabia, King, Salman has also briefed the Cabinet about the outcomes of his talks with the leader of Egypt Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and that eventually paved a way for both the leaders to be on the same page in order to strengthen bilateral relations and ensure the regional and global security. The efforts of King, Salman to improve the ties with Egypt, show that after improving ties with Turkey, Egypt is another country, on which the regime of Saudi Arabia, depend on in order to eliminate the instability of the Gulf region and bring peace back to the region, which is important in order to sustain the economic growth of the Gulf region. The ministers, also appreciated the leader of Saudi Arabia, to similarly strive to improve the ties with Turkey and that also comprises of signing the protocol for establishing the Saudi-Turkish Coordination Council and improved political, military, security, energy, education and trade ties between these two countries.


According to the minister for culture and information, the leader of Saudi Arabia also briefed the ministers about his talks with Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara, in order to have the joint solution for the Palestinian issue, the crisis in Syria and steps to avoid the foreign interference in the internal affairs of the region’s countries as it happens to be the flagrant violation of the international accords, which asks every country not to interfere in the matters of any other country. Well!, we all know that, which country, Saudi Arabia is pointing out, which is none other than Iran and Iran’s regime must understand that if is really the case and whatever the regime of Saudi Arabia has come up with, is true then Iran really will have to change its policy, because that will lead the Gulf region towards the destruction and because of the turmoil, the Gulf region has reached to a position from where, it cannot bear more instability, which eventually will affect each part of the world more aggressively.