Kebagusan Retention Basin Dredging Continued

Dredging work at Kebagusan Retention Basin, RT 01/03, Kebagusan Urban Village, Pasar Minggu Sub-district is continued by South Jakarta Water Resources (SDA) Sub-department. This work is targeted to finish in the next four months.

South Jakarta SDA Sub-department Head, Holi Susanto stated, this retention basin has 9,883 square meters wide.

“We have acquired five fields area as wide as 7,926 square meters,” he mentioned, Wednesday (1/9).

This retention basin is dredged thus it can be used as water absorption area in Kebagusan, especially for RW 03 and its surrounding.

South Jakarta SDA Sub-department’s Maintenance Section Head, Firmansyah said, its depth varies between 2-4 meters. Mud which is dredged from this location will be place on the bank of this retention basin thus later it can be used for inspection road.

“We deploy 10 SDA personnel and two excavators to dredge it,” he conveyed.

Source: Berita Jakarta