Jumantik Cilik Helps RW 03 Kebon Pala Residents to Prevent Dengue Fever

Residents of RW 03 Kebon Pala Urban Village, Makasar, East Jakarta assign their children to become mosquito larvae controllers (Jumantik Cilik). Their job is to prevent dengue fever in the neighborhood.

Maulana Syafiudin (11), 4th grade student of SDN Cililitan 02 is an active member of Jumantik Cilik. His team go around the village every Saturday and Sunday to check mosquito larvae in residents’ houses such as in bath tub, flower vase, water dispenser, or other places that is potential for mosquito to breed.

“I have been a member of Jumantik Cilik for a month. It is very exciting because I do it together with my friends and gain more knowledge about dengue fever,” he mentioned, Saturday (3/16).

Another Jumantik Cilik cadre named Syalwa (13), student of SDN Kebon Pala 03 Pagi said residents are very nice to them. “They are welcoming us when we visit their house to check mosquito larvae,” she expressed.

Locals fully support Jumantik Cilik because it gives positive impacts to the neighbors. Ramadan (48), one of the residents admitted, this movement makes himself and other residents become more aware of dengue fever.

RW 03 Head, Agus Hermawan stated, Jumantik Cilik was formed in early 2019 in 16 RTs in Kebon Pala RW. It is formed to anticipate dengue fever in the region. According to him, there are 160 Jumantik Cilik cadres in total with 10 cadres in each RTs.

Makasar Urban Village Head, Kamal Alatas supports and encourages other urban villages to form Jumantik Cilik in their neighbors. He assessed, Jumantik Cilik can collaborate with adult Jumantik cadres to interact with residents and check mosquito larvae together.

“It also educates children about dengue fever prevention and healthy lifestyle. Hopefully dengue fever could be prevented optimally,” he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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