Journalists banned from trial of Thamrin bombings defendant

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Journalists reporting on the verdict on accused Oman Rahman involved in the Thamrin bombing in 2016 were banned from the main courtroom in the South Jakarta district court where the trial proceedings were ongoing.

Reporters were only allowed to follow the proceedings from outside the courtroom.

The judge of the South Jakarta district court read out the verdict on the defendant Oman Rahman during the proceedings that began since 8:30 a.m. local time.

It was revealed that he had been awarded a death penalty by the judges of the South Jakarta district court after being charged with the same punishment by the prosecutors in May.

The prosecutors believed that it is a just penalty to be imposed on the defendant after considering the statements from witnesses and experts along with several gathered evidences, including the defendants own writings.

Rahman was accused of being involved in several terrorism incidents, including the Thamrin bombing, Oikumene church bombing in Samarinda, Kampung Melayu bombing in Jakarta, as well as the attacks in Bima, West Nusa Tenggara, and in the North Sumatra Police headquarters.

Rahman was believed to be the mastermind behind all terrorist attacks.

Rahman was due to be released from prison in August 2017 after spending nine years behind bars for his involvement in military trainings conducted by the Jamaah Islamiyah in the Jalin mountains of Aceh Besar Sub-district back in 2010.

However, in August 18, 2017, he was named a suspect in the Thamrin bombings and was charged under Law Number 15 of 2003 on eradication of terrorism crimes.

Source: ANTARA News