Jokowi visits factory workers in Purbalingga

Purbalingga, C Java (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) made an impromptu visit to a wigs factory of PT Boyang Industrial in Purbalingga in order to meet the workers.

The president visited the wigs factory of PT Boyang Industrial in Purbalingga on Monday during his working visit to Central Java.

President Jokowi, at the invitation of Head of Purbalingga District Tasdi, visited the Boyang wigs factory in Purbalingga at 11:20 a.m. local time.

Earlier, the head of state had reviewed the JB Soedirman Airport development plan in Wirasaba, Purbalingga.

The factory workers, mostly women, were surprised to see President Jokowi at the factory, established with a South Korean investment cooperation.

A 21-year-old worker named Fatimah from Kalibagor, Banyumas, stated that she did not expect to see the president directly.

“I did not know that the president was here suddenly. I am very happy to meet him,” she noted.

President Jokowi, who was accompanied by the head of Banyumas District, held a dialog and sat among the workers at the factory.

Some of them urged to take a selfie with the president.

“International singer named Madonna also wears the wig from this factory, Sir,” one of the workers remarked while sitting near the president.

Jokowi admitted to have always wanted to visit and review the factory that hired more than 66 thousand workers.

“It has been a long time since I wanted to come here,” he conveyed.

Furthermore, he was in the factory area for some 30 minutes to then continue the visit to review the impact of the earthquake in Kalibening, Banjarnegara.

However, not all workers were happy with the brief visit paid by the president, as he only interacted with the workers in the front row, which left their counterparts in the back row feeling disappointed.

Source: ANTARA News