Jokowi to attend Arab Islamic American Summit

Jakarta – Indonesian President Joko Widodo will attend the Arab Islamic American Summit on May 21, Arrmanatha Nasir, spokesman of Indonesian Foreign Ministry, declared.

“Arab Islamic American Summit will be held in Riyadh on May 21. Several days ago, the President had received a special envoy from Saudi king, who gave the invitation for the summit,” Nasir said in Jakarta, Thursday.

According to Nasir, the summit was important because it is the first one in which the new US administration, along with governments from various Islamic countries, would discuss issues such as radicalism, extremism and terrorism.

“The summit will be attended by delegations from around 50 countries. Other than that, there will be the UN Secretary General, OKI (Islamic Cooperation Organization) head, and the leader from Arab League and Gulf Coast Countries (GCC),” Nasir noted.

The Indonesian president will explain Indonesias experience of fighting terrorism and radicalism, using both the soft and hard power approach, Nasir remarked.

“Our country has the largest Muslim population, and so our voice is important. This will be mentioned by Indonesia. Indonesia will demonstrate how Islam, moderation and democracy can coexist here,” he emphasized.

A common topic that will be discussed will be how to curb the growth of foreign militants and terrorists by stopping their monetary source, Nasir added.

Source: Antara News