Jokowi reiterates call for firm action against drug dealers

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) reiterated his call for firm action against narcotic drug dealers here on Friday.

“Do not give them any tolerance, because we are now under an emergency situation with regard to narcotic drugs,” he said, while closing the second national meeting of the United Development Party (PPP), in response to the partys recommendation on the issue.

“In line with the recommendations of the meeting, the government would act firmly. So far, around 18 drug convicts have been executed,” he noted.

He remarked that the police and TNI (military) have also taken firm actions against those involved in drug abuse cases.

“Now Polri (police) and TNI have indeed been firm, especially while dealing with foreign drug traffickers entering the country. They will just shoot them if they defy arrest,” he warned.

Jokowi, on the occasion, also raised the need for anticipatory measures to meet current fast changes.

“Do not let us be carried away by the changes. I agree with Romi (Romahurmuzzy, the general chairman of PPP) regarding the importance of boosting education on character building in Islamic boarding schools and Islamic religious schools (madrasahs) to anticipate changes,” he explained.

He noted that anticipatory measures must be prepared from now so that when changes happen, it would not cause damage.

Touching on investment, Jokowi said that he had approached countries in the Middle East. “I have met King Salman of Saudi Arabia and Syekh Muhammad from UAE. I have also met leaders from the Middle East several times,” he stated.

Jokowi pointed out that the meetings were important to maintain balance.

“Hence, we would not only look to western countries, China, or Japan but also maintain the balance so that the country will not rely on several countries. It is still difficult for each country to predict where changes would lead to,” he revealed.

Source: Antara News