Japan grants aid for health and education sectors in E Java

Surabaya, E Java Japanese Consulate General in Surabaya handed over health aid, in the form of a wellness facility in the Ngawi sub-district as well as the rehabilitation of Malang citys Madrasah Ibtidaiyah building in East Java.

Japans Consul General in Surabaya Masaki Tani stated that he has inaugurated the Project for Elevating Maternal and Child Health through Provision of Health Facilities and Infrastructure in the Babadan Village of Ngawi sub-district on Sept 4.

“On Aug 31, we have also inaugurated the rehabilitation of the Nuruh Huda Madrasah Ibtidaiyah building in the city of Malang,” he noted.

This project, he continued, was carried out by the Jalin Nusa Institution, through the Grassroots Grant Assistance Program for human security, with a value of Rp978,505,000.

The inauguration event was also attended by sub-district head of NgawiOny Anwar, representative of the Ministry of Home Affairs Katarina Babang and Director of the Jalin Nusa Institution SuudBawazir, as well as other 100 village citizens.

He stated that through the aid project from the Japanese government, his party has built one village health polyclinic as well as workers training health center.

Consul General Masaki Tani hoped that this project can help pregnant woman gain some peace during her labor time and also for the activities of the integrated health centers to improve the health of malnourished children.

Aside from Anwar, the Consulate General of Japan also inaugurated the rehabilitation process of the Madrasah IbtidaiyahNurul Huda 1 building in Malang.

In the program, the rehabilitation of the institutions building would include 4 classrooms, 1 multi-functional room, and 4 toilet units.

He stated that the Japanese government has also made its contribution by sending Japanese language teachers to schools in Indonesia through the Nihongo Partners program.

He believed that the aid, given on the 60th year of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Japan would serve as a good momentum to strengthen the partnership between the two countries.

Source: Antara News