Jakartans urged to surmount COVID-19 pandemic as challenge

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan called on residents of the Indonesian capital city to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic as a challenge in 2021.

“We passed through 2020 with a full history of struggle. We are facing a cross-age challenge. However, this is also the year in which our endurance, stamina, and focus were put to the test,” he noted in the video uploaded by the Jakarta provincial government on Friday.

“This is an opportunity (for us) to demonstrate to the next generation that we are able to face this pandemic challenge, and Insya Allah (God willing), we will be able to emerge successfully out of it,” he remarked.

The governor is optimistic that in the new year, Jakarta’s residents would be able to keep up the stamina and remain disciplined in following health protocols as the pandemic will still continue in 2021.

“We will still have to face this challenge. Let us keep up our stamina and follow health protocols. We should demonstrate that with a new spirit in 2021, we are able to face and pass through the pandemic challenge,” he stated.

Baswedan is also upbeat that in 2021, Jakarta’s residents would be able to keep up with the rapid changes, including those pertaining to lifestyle to maintain cleanliness and bring about post-pandemic economic recovery.

“The year 2021 is an opportunity for us all to make accelerated change, including how to change our lifestyle for better health, our daily activities, and our economic activities by adjusting to the pandemic challenge,” he stated.

Source: Antara News