Jakartans asked to maintain food hygiene to prevent hepatitis

Self Care

The Health Office of Jakarta has urged people to maintain food hygiene in order to prevent acute hepatitis.

“The public should be wary when eating or snacking, of course, by choosing foods that are covered, cooked perfectly, and (they must also) wash their hands before eating,” head of disease prevention and control at the Jakarta Health Office Dwi Oktavia said here on Thursday.

She also advised people not to share eating utensils.

Those efforts should be made to prevent contracting acute hepatitis, which is believed to be transmitted through the oral route or the digestive tract.

Oktavia asked people to choose healthy food and food that is not contaminated with bacteria. She also pointed out the need for covering food for keeping flies away.

The Health Office is continuing to follow the development of acute hepatitis, especially its transmission, whether through the gastrointestinal tract or other routes, she affirmed.

Earlier, the Ministry of Health had increased vigilance against a mysterious form of acute hepatitis that is affecting children in several countries.

The ministry’s spokesperson, Siti Nadia Tarmizi, said that vigilance in Indonesia has been increased on account of the deaths of three children undergoing treatment for suspected acute hepatitis at the Dr. Ciptomangunkusuma Hospital, Jakarta. They died at different times in the two weeks to April 30, 2022, she informed.

The three patients showed symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, severe diarrhea, fever, jaundice, seizures, and decreased consciousness, she said.

Currently, the Ministry of Health is investigating the causes of acute hepatitis through a complete virus panel examination.

Tarmizi said that ever since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared acute hepatitis as an extraordinary event, the number of reports has continued to increase, with more than 170 cases reported from more than 12 countries.

Source: Antara News